About us

Seamless supply chain

Safe-T-System Holdings provide services in the:
• Sale of devices across the range of products.
• Support and supply of samples for in house testing and type approval.
• Design and development communication between customer and manufacturer.
• Processing of orders

We specialise in the "manufacturer to customer" supply chain.

With expertise and experience in:
• Tier one supply to many international OE manufacturers of passenger transport vehicles.
• Pick and pack facilities
• Direct factory to customer shipping
• Management of accounts
• Supply to lean-manufacturing and JIT production platforms
• Bonded storage

Safe-T-System Holdings also appoint and support our territorial agents.
With intellectual property spanning some 41 countries, we offer unrivalled protection to our agents.
All agents are vetted through and contracts are managed by the Osiris Financial Services Group based in Mauritius

We currently have appointed agents at the ready to supply your requirements in:
• Canada
• India
• Israel
• Korea
• China
• Brazil
• Central Africa
• New Zealand
• South Africa